This is Lexi

Not just photographers,

visual storytellers

If I'm not taking pictures or editing, I'm probably deep in the woods with my pup or helping my husband cultivate mushrooms in our basement. If that sounds a little bit mad-sciencey to you, I would say you're on the right track.

My favorite thing about photography is getting to glimpse people in the most real way... Photos are something that only gain value as time goes on, a true investment. I love that I get to work with people who understand the value of love, relationship, and documentation of this precious, fleeting life.

In 2017 my husband and I moved to the Willamette Valley to open an Airbnb in the heart of Oregon wine country. Upon moving, we quickly fell deeply in love with the Pacific Northwest. We love Jesus, good food, Oregon wine, backpacking, fishing, & anything else that gets us out to explore.

Meet the team

for the genuine souls

Besties since middle school

"Me think, why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick."

I really hope you've seen The Office.
Otherwise, that headline does not make sense. Also, please go watch it.

But seriously, a quick little bit about me:
I love Fettuccini Alfredo, hiking, big books, Wes Anderson, Canon cameras, the color green, and my two cats Mose & Jeb. 

Most importantly, I love photographs. I was a lukewarm photographer for years. Then, my life changed forever - my sister passed away. I quickly found how important and cherished the photos I had with her were - the necessity of heartfelt documentation. 

To me, there isn’t a gradient of “big” or “small” moments - every moment is of the utmost importance. Your WHOLE LIFE is defined by these little glimpses of goodness, that's what makes our time on this Earth so beautiful.

We're here to document the essence of your life with you.

This is Kelli

Us through the years

as our 20 year friendship can attest, we believe in building things that last.

SEnior Prom
circa 2011

Moab sky diving adventure in college

2017- our first team destination wedding

exploring the nashville food scene

Our job is not about the pictures taken, it's about the story told.
And we can't wait to tell yours.


“By far the best experience you'll ever have with a professional photographer. My family and I were so comfortable knowing we were in such good hands.”

Kyndal T.

"Highly recommend! Lexi is very professional, respectful and has a great sense of humor, she is not only FUN to work with, but you can be confident in her skills."

Aubrey G.

"Fantastic experience with this photographer. We have worked with Kelli a couple of times over the past three years. Our photographs were some of the best we’ve had done and we’ve worked with multiple photographers over the years. I highly recommend!"

Aimie D.

"I had the best experience with Hereafter Photography. They continually kept in great contact with me, and every time I used them for a photo shoot they always went above and beyond my expectations."

Sarah S.